Star Wars Popcorn

DSC_0098We recently had a backyard Star Wars movie.  Any child could help make this very simple recipe.

What you will need:

2 bag popped corn
2 cups Honey Graham bears for Ewoks
2 cups of white chocolate melted
1 cup Orange sticklets
1 cup Star Wars cereal shapes


DSC_0083Pop your corn and place in tub.

DSC_0089Pour half of your melted white chocolate  over the corn.

DSC_0097Find a willing participant to add the toppings.

DSC_0098Toss everything and add remaining half of white chocolate.  Spread out on wax paper and allow to dry for min. of 10 minutes.

DSC_0102Place in ziplock bags and seal. I made these about 6 hours prior to the movie and they tasted just fine.


Beach memory photo jars

DSC_0084There is nothing my son loves more than water.  This is an inexpensive way to capture memories of his vacations.  Oh, he may just love his cousins more than water!

What you will need:

  • Vacation Photos  ( you will need the images to be small enough to fit within your rim)
  • Jar with rimmed lid (available at walmart, grocery stores and ace hardware)
  • Vacation sand and shells
  • Scissors and a Sharpie

IMG_1632I used 2×3 prints at walgreens.  You can see that I was fortunate enough to have the sky blend with the water and fill in the circle. Just take your lid and draw a circle on top of your photo than simply cut it out.

IMG_1633Add your sand and shells to the jar.

DSC_0082Then place the photo facing up followed by your lid cover and screw onto your canning jar.  That’s it, you are finished!

DSC_0087What an inexpensive keepsake to have and share as gifts.