Pokemon Ball Necklace

dsc_0003Who remembers Shrinky Dinks?  Funny how everything comes back around.  They don’t smell toxic any longer.  These necklaces are pretty simple to throw together, and were a big hit with my sons classmates.

What you will need:
Shrinky Dink Sheets (amazon)
Computer Print-out of pattern you choose
Ink-Jet Printer
Hole Punch
9mm Jump Rings ( Michaels or JoAnns)
KONMAY 50pcs Black Satin Silk Necklace Cord 2.0mm/20” with 2”
Extension Chain (amazon)

dsc_0002Print out a sheet of your favorite images.  We chose Pokemon balls.  Simply print onto your shrink-dink sheet in your Ink-Jet printer.  Once you print then out cut your shapes out and use a hole punch to ensure you have holes to run string through.

DSC_0008Place in your oven ours worked best at 325 degrees.  We baked ours for 3 minutes.  They will curl before flattening back out.

dsc_0001-3You will need to twist the J hook open with your pliers in order to connect them together.

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-10-33-44-amThen clamp onto your necklace.

dsc_0003-2Total cost of necklaces ran under 1.00 each and were unique.