Beach Themed Party

Thank you AQUA Magazine for publishing  our arch in your September issue!

My son is all about and has always been about the beach.  This last year we did a beach theme party.  Here are a few of the high-lights.

Beach Ball Entrance.  These beach balls were just 3.99 at our local grocery store and are 42 inches.  After we were finished with them they found a home in our trampoline.  You simply use some 3m tabs man these are so wonderful.  Run fishing wire from floor to ceiling off of the 3m tabs.  We also used some double sided tape in between the balls to help with balance.  We had twenty-five children and many parents to our surprise the arch wasn’t toppled.





The food; keep it simple.  Mercy me I have spent days and days prepping for parties to just ensure that ziploc’s stock continues to rise.

These individual salad cups really help.  They take the work out of placing salad on your childs plate and having things prepackaged keeps big party lines moving.





Some mother out there.  I’m sure she considers herself and A+ mom started the darn goodie bag.  Now all of us mothers run around half-crazy trying to find junk for other parents to step on and sneak into trash at a later date.  This of course ends in our child crying for their favorite 25 cent item that they simply cannot live without…  Mercy Me!  Here were the goodie bags I used.


I purchased them on Oriental Trading and placed  inside with these homemade surfboard cookies.



I am not good at games and get so tired of the ordinary ones.  Children’s parties can be very painful for adults.  I purchased inflatable mini balls and wrapped them in saran wrap.  The kids had to unroll the saran wrap to get their mini balls.  They loved it!


The rest was up the kids since they had to beat up Mr. Piñata to get their final items for their parents to loath.

I also did a small collage of Garrett’s last year.



and strung some mini balls above the tables.  This is Arizona so we also had a large water slide to top off the party.  DSC_0011