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Plantable Paper Seed Hearts

DSC_0016My fathers favorite holiday was Valentine’s Day.  He always went out of his way to make it special for my mother and me.  Nearly a decade after he passed away I found out that his mom had passed away on Valentine’s Day during childbirth.  Both her and his baby sister were placed on ice  (over 3 months) until the ice melted in northern Minnesota. He was just 9 years old.   He never shared this sad event with me or sulked during Valentines Day.  Instead he made certain that the people he loved felt loved!

These hearts are so simple to make.  I hope you will give them a try, and when you see the flowers growing think of this story.

What you will need:

Construction paper
Cookie Cutter

DSC_0005Rip up some paper.

DSC_0006I tore up enough to loosely fill this blender then I added 2 cups of water.

DSC_0009I continued to add water until it was pulp like.

DSC_0010Then I laid out some cookie cutters on parchment paper.

DSC_0012I began scooping the pulp into the heart cookie cutters.

DSC_0011I used poppy seeds as we live in the SW and these will propagate easily.

DSC_0014Next I placed the seeds on top of the pulp and lifted the cutters off of the pulp.

DSC_0016 They didn’t stick at all. Then I simply waited for them to dry over the next couple of days on my kitchen counter.  You could place them outside and speed this process up but we have lost of wind here.


Mesh Ribbon Gift Box

DSC_0084I have some wonderful neighbors.  With Christmas just around the corner and some left over mesh ribbon it was hard to not come up with another creative way of using it as a gift box.


What you will need

Any box of your choosing
Mesh Ribbon
Items to place in your gift box

DSC_0063For my box I used two pieces of mesh that were approximately 3 feet long.

DSC_0068I folded the mesh in half length wise and started stapling it around the sides of the box.

DSC_0070The second 3 foot piece of mesh I simply twisted inside my box.

DSC_0071This is quite simple to do.

DSC_0084Then I loaded it up with some hot cocoa, marshmallows, 2 cups, ginger cookies, dark chocolate almonds, some napkins 2 large snowflake ornaments.  Then I tossed some additional holiday ribbon in the gift box.   This didn’t take more than 10 minutes.  Go Grab your box!

Star Wars Silhouette Flameless Candles

DSC_0066With less than 40 hours away from the premiere of The Force Awakens these candles seem to scream MAKE ME!

What you will need

Flameless Candles ( bet you have some laying around)
Printer or access to printer
Silhouette images of your favorite Star Wars peeps

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.09.10 AMI used word to simply adjust my images to the size I needed.  My paper lay out was set to landscape that way the paper would wrap completely around my candles. My images were purchased off of Etsy.
DSC_0052Once I had the images printed I chose which candles I would use for which images.  It was obvious that the smaller ones like Yoda and R2D2 would go on the smaller candles.

DSC_0051Now you will simply wrap your paper with images around your candles.

DSC_0049I taped in two areas on the back of the candle. One almost to the bottom and the other towards the top of the candles.

DSC_0058What a simple and inexpensive way to add some Star Wars decor to your home.

DSC_0062May the force be with you!

Jack the Pumpkin King Photo Transfer


Gel Matte Medium
Paint Brush
Photo from a laser printer
Photo of your choosing

IMG_6143Apply the gel to your photo and place wet side down on your canvas. It will need to dry for around 8 hours.

IMG_6154Once it is dry place a wet kitchen bowl on the paper until it is saturated. Now you just start rubbing the paper off the canvas. This is the easiest project ever. IMG_6155 I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of canvas sales and make their own themed holiday pieces.

Now just add designs or paint the edges and you are done!IMG_6158


Let’s refill those Bunch O Balloons (don’t toss them out)

That’s right.  Don’t pay all that money for one use.  Let me show you how to simply and effectively refill your balloons.  Chances are you have everything that you need in your house.


You can order them off of amazon by clicking here.



What you will need to refill them is the following.


  • Standard water balloons
  • Loom bands

Yes that’s all you will need to reload your bunch of balloons for endless summer fun.  Each bundle takes me around 8 minutes to reload.




Simply place a water balloon on the end of your empty plastic tube.


Then take a loom band and run it around the balloon and tube 4 to 5 times depending on the thickness of your loom bands.




Don’t worry about how neat they look.  Trust me they work just as well.  I have reloaded hundreds of balloons this summer and the kids absolutely love them. Mom loves how economical it has become.




Photo Transfer to Fabric



Yes that gel matte medium will also transfer any image from a laser printer to fabric as well.  This week is National Reading week and my little man had one day where he was required to hand write one of his books on the front of a plain white t-shirt.  This is what we chose to do to the back.  Super cute and unique.


All you need is

  • Gel Matte Medium
  • Paint Brush
  • Photo from a laser printer
  • DSC_0050


Apply the gel to your photo and place wet side down on your shirt.  It will need to dry.  Once it is dry place a wet kitchen bowl on the paper until it is saturated.

IMG_3251Now you just start rubbing the paper off the shirt. This transfers much easier to fabric than the tile or wood projects I have done.



Oh and remember to reverse your writing should you have writing that you are transferring.

DSC_0009There was an old lady who swallowed a frog!



This was so easy and he has a one of a kind shirt for school.




Photo Transfer to Ceramic Tile



We all know that everyone has been transferring photos to wood.  Well the other day at Michaels I started thinking if the photos will stick to wood what about ceramic tile.  YES, YES it can!

What you will need

Ceramic Tile I used some coasters for $1.99 and a hanging tile for $1.99
A paint brush
Liquitex Matte Gel (amazon)
A photo printed on a laser printer
8 hours of your time
Elbow grease

Cut your photo to fit your medium of choice this time I used Ceramic tiles I picked up at Michaels.Place a good coat of Gel on your laser photo before applying it to the tiles.

Once you attach it you will want to smooth it out and make sure there are no bubbles underneath the paper. I used a pampered chef scrapper but anything smooth would work i.e. a credit card, or bone file.

Wait 6 to 8 hours until it’s completly dry.  Once it’s dry run water over the photo.


Now you will start rubbing the photo.  I did notice that the photo has a greater chance of rubbing off than it did with wood.


Here’s what it should look like once you have rubbed most of the paper off the photo.


Now you will wait for it to dry again and then spray it with a laquer to seal the photo.


That’s it a one of a kind moment captured.







Photo Transfer to Wood (Canoe Paddle)



It seems photo transfer to wood is all the rage right now.  Since I already own a number of large canvas photo’s I decided to use a different medium to bring a wall of images together.

What you will need

  • Wood of your choice I used a Canoe Paddle
  • A paint brush
  • Liquitex Matte Gel (amazon)
  • A photo printed on a laser printer
  • Sander or sand paper
  • 8 hours of your time
  • Damp cloth


Since my Canoe Paddle had a finish I had to sand it down.  I would suggest sanding your wood down as well, just to make sure the photo has a smooth surface to cling to.

DSC_0002 DSC_0003

I had a hard time choosing so I printed two prints and placed them on the paddle to see which one I liked best.  Sometimes you need to do this.


I used Liquitex Matte Gel which I purchased off of amazon but I have heard it’s available at craft stores as well.



Cut your photo to fit your medium of choice. Place a good coat of Gel on your laser photo before applying it to your wood medium.

Once you attach it you will want to smooth it out and make sure there are no bubbles underneath the paper.  I used a pampered chef scrapper but anything smooth would work i.e. a credit card, or bone file.

Now you have to simply wait for it to dry.  I placed mine in the sun for 6 hours.  Arizona sun that is, so depending where you live you may want to allow it to dry longer.


I then placed it under my sink and soaked the surface followed by placing a wet kitchen towel on it for several minutes.  This is what you should start to see.


Now you just rub the paper slowly off of the wood.



From here I simply sprayed some clear paint over it and hung it in between our photo canvas family.





I cannot believe this worked!  It was way too easy.




What will you do?

Salt Dough Ornament Sports Jersey


Most of us at one point has made or been given a salt dough ornament.  It’s a great way for little hands to start creating art.  I actually thought of this Soccer Jersey after I made my sons team Soccer Jersey Cookies.  It’s a shame to only have one use for all of our cute cookie cutters that pile up in our kitchens.

What you will need

  • Cookie Cutter
  • Craft Paint
  • Colored Marker
  • TIME
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Parchment Paper
  • Twine or Ribbon


Take about 1 cup salt and dissolve it in about 1  cup water (or a little more). Then stir in about 2 cups flour ( one cup at a time), until it’s a nice soft dough. I throw mine in my kitchen aid mixer for about 5 minutes.



Roll out soft dough on top of parchment paper.  This allows you to transfer your shapes to the oven without  attempting to reshape your ornaments.  Bake at 200 for 4 hours.


Once your ornaments have cooled dust the excess flour off.  If you don’t clean them off your paint won’t stick.  I just used a kitchen towel to do this.  Now you are ready to apply your first coat.



This was what they looked like after the first coat.  I ended up going back over the front and back to clean them up.  Then I took a black marker and wrote their soccer club name and the stripe along the top.  My black marker was water proof but I didn’t have a red water proof one so I used a washable marker to outline the red.


After they were outlined I sprayed them with clear acrylic paint just to ensure that if they came in contact with water the red wouldn’t wash away. If you use waterproof markers this last step wouldn’t be necessary.  After they dried I used some kitchen twine due to it looking somewhat like shoe laces.


Since I had the paint and twine on hand this little project only cost me some time.  When I rolled out the dough it was rather thin but I kinda like how the Jersey’s look like their wrinkled vs being to puffy and potentially weighting down tree branches.