Children’s Superhero Party

If you have a boy at some point you will have to throw a Super Hero party.  This is what we did for Garrett’s #5 Bash.


These Super Hero Capes were very easy.  There is no sewing required, all you do is cut out the shape you desire.  Use your child as a template to ensure your length is in the ball park and then pull some images of the web for the Super Hero Logo’s and start cutting.  I used fabric glue to add the logo’s.  These can and should be made way in advance and make sure you have a couple extra’s for those moms that don’t rsvp.  Note to all modern day moms.  None of the little girls knew who Wonder Woman was.  Let’s hope the up and coming Movie changes that!


The city scape was very easy.  Just purchase some poster paper at any walgreens or target and start cutting shapes that you like.  Now for the hard part….Grab some sticky papers in different colors and add them for windows.  HAHA!  Yes it was that simple.  The Red and black building were those cardboard building blocks that tons of children have.  A neighbor was tossing them and I said toss them my way.

DSC_0003 copy

These cups I picked up and Target and simply printed out some Super Hero sound effects.  Very easy and everyone loved them.


You know hose 99 cent pastic table covers..  Yep they can be made into huge Super Hero Capes to hang in the hallways.  The Super Hero Logo was made out of felt and simply glued to the plastic.





These we had hanging around from dress up and halloween, we simply used some 3m and made a showcase of them.


Keep it simple!  This cake was 20.00 from Dairy Queen.  Look at the detail.

Last but not least the costumes.



Remember at the end out the day your little Super Hero is going say his favorite part was “when the bird flew by” Thank goodness you will have the photos.