Giant Balloon Party


I’ve been knowns to throw a few over the top parties; kids parties that is…

This requires some advance prepping however you can break it down to 20 minutes an evening since the balloons can stay inflated days in advance.


You can order these balloons on line.  We used 700 during this birthday but have used up to 900 in past.  The large ones are 36 inch rounds and are amazing.  We have a compressor and try to blow up 100 each night for one week.  DSC_0030

The first think you need to do is remove all furniture from a dedicated room and make a home depot of lowes run.  Go to their paint isle and purchase enough painters plastic floor drops to cover your floor.  This helps give the children a safe and clean area to slide around on.  You will tape the pieces together.  My husband does all the heavy lifting and takes very good direction.


Now that you have become the MOM of the year with this great idea.

2009-09-11_17-41-18Let the kids create their own cupcakes.  That’s right your plastic is protecting your floors so let them go crazy with toppings frostings and more.

2009-09-11_17-16-10YOU GO MOM!