Beach Theme Cookie Mural

My son is six and has been an avid swimmer since he was just eight months old.  His dog is even named after Michael Phelps.  Last summer he wanted to send a picture to his grammy of how he was spending his summer.  This is what inspired the beach mural theme.4

We started out with our basic four inch square cookie cutters which you can source from . We used my basic orange cookie recipe and royal icing.  My color gels I use can also be sourced from Karen’s site and are well worth the money.  You don’t want to have icing that you simply cannot stomach due that awful taste of the colors. The bottom of the cookies is just raw sugar sprinkled on wet icing to create sand effect.


I made an error the first time around with the sky scene and had to place white icing over them again.  It happens!  We are all human.


I allowed them to dry and then placed them in individual goodie bags and dropped them in the priority mail.  The will keep up to a month once sealed so go ahead give it a shot!5