Giant Balloon Spider


One of the things I couldn’t live without is fishing line.  I hang everything from fishing line.  What you will need to make this Balloon Spider.

  • 1          24″ or 36″ Red Balloon
  • 1          12″ or 18″ Black Balloon
  • 8           Purple Twister Balloon
  • White construction Paper
  • Craft Glue
  • Fishing line

Blow up your balloons and tie your black balloon to your red Balloon this will make your head and body of your spider.  Now your just going to tie on your legs one by one.  Now that you have your spider made simply glue on his eyes and hang him off one of your lights with your fishing line.  See how easy that was.

The smaller spiders in the background were just 12″ rounds with crepe paper for legs.




Stenciling Cookies


Here are some stencilled tile cookies I made last year for my son’s teachers.  They were a big hit!  All you do is wait for the first layer of royal icing to dry and then place a food grade stencil over your iced cookie and drag the icing across it.  So simply and it gives such nice dimension  to the cookies.

After we were finished we let them dry over night and bagged them in goodie bags that you can purchase at Michaels or online.IMG_1026

Tied them off with  ribbon and passed out our rewards.



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